Are There Alternative Emergency Dental Treatments?

Any ethical practitioner of complimentary and alternative medicine will point you to an oral surgeon or an emergency dental clinic when you come in needing emergency dental treatment. Although complimentary and alternative medicine can help in many areas of physical and emotional health, surgery and dentistry is still best left to conventional medicine. There are some things you can do to wait for your appointment for emergency dental repair.

Calm Down

Needing emergency dental treatment is a bit like drowning – if you panic, you’re more likely to sink. However, if you can relax and float, you have a far better chance of survival. By calming down and relaxing as best as you can, you can take off the edge that panic gives to pain. You might also be surprised at how effective the mind is at managing pain for momentary periods.

Learning how to calm down in extremely stressful situations is one of the greatest benefits of alternative therapies. This also helps give you a sense of power and hope. You are not entirely in the hands of someone else in order to get emergency dental treatment. You still need to go to the emergency dentist, but it can be less of a traumatic experience.


You might want to hold onto a favorite lucky object in order to help you calm down. Another way to calm down is through use of mediation. Needing emergency dental treatment is not the time to learn meditation. Ideally, you need to meditate for a few minutes a day, every day. Over time, it can help you relax during incredibly stressful moments.

If you don’t know how to meditate, don’t despair. Try to image a happy event in your life as clearly as you can. Or, imagine being at a beach or soaking in a hot bubble bath – whatever image relaxes you the most. Close your eyes if you need to. Take slow, deep, even breaths as often as you can to help your muscles relax.

Clove Oil

One pain killer for some kinds of emergency dental treatment is clove oil. This is the main ingredient of over the counter toothache remedies like Ambesol. This won’t help for all emergencies, but can take the edge off of toothaches, punches to the jaw and even abscessed teeth. Clove oil works better when you can press a hot compress to your facial area that needs emergency dental treatment. Even if you don’t have clove oil, try the hot compress.