Don’t Give Yourself Emergency Dental Care

With the rise of health care costs, many people are looking into alternative health care and self-help. Home treatments for some ailments can work very well, but not in the case of emergency dental care. You will know when you need the help of an emergency dental service. You will be in such agony that you will wish you were dead. In this stressful time, you are not capable of making a rash decision, let alone perform complicated emergency dental care on yourself.

Use Common Sense

Although there are books and websites that graphically show how to perform emergency dental care on someone else or even yourself, they will not give you the information needed to perform the procedures. Even if you have a lot of drugs in your home that will numb the pain, yet keep you awake to perform the procedures, still don’t attempt it. Even if you are climbing up Mt. Everest and fall and nap your jaw in half – don’t let your fellow climber perform emergency dental care on you unless they are oral surgeons.

When All Else Fails

If things are really desperate, especially if you suspect you’ve fractured your jaw or if your tooth pain is accompanied by dizziness, loss of vision or other sudden problems, call an ambulance. If you have an abscessed tooth, that’s not really a good time to go to the emergency room.

Although an abscessed tooth is a hellish experience, it is best to wait until your regular dentist office opens, unless you have experiences described above. It’s less stressful for you to be at home in familiar surroundings. The cost of going to the emergency room will give you a heart attack, too.

Preventive Medicine

Although you never can tell where and when you are going to need emergency dental care, you can certainly cut down on your percentage of pain and panic by finding an emergency dentist beforehand. If you don’t have a regular dentist, you still need to know where to go for emergency dental care. If you make very little money or are on Welfare, you need to talk with your social worker about where you can go for emergency dental care.

When you get some names and phone numbers of emergency dentists, call them up and make friends with the receptionist. Don’t argue about prices or policies – it won’t do you any good. You need to find out where the office is, what payments they accept and when payment is due.