Know more about professional teeth whitening products

Modern society expects people to flash sparkling smile courtesy of shiny, white teeth. However, persistent habits such as drinking coffee or tea as well as smoking do cause teeth discoloration. Such habits make the teeth discolored that are actually yellowish and ugly-looking. For this reason, a lot of people often seek ways to improve the situation by using professional teeth whitening products. Apparently, having sparkling white teeth enhances social life so individuals use professional teeth whitening products that would give them excellent results in a quick period.

There are many types of professional teeth whitening products to choose from depending upon what one needs. The following list discusses some advantages and disadvantages in using certain professional teeth whitening products.

Laser whitening is one of the professional teeth whitening products that exhibit superb results just after a few sessions. However, it is highly recommended that a dental professional perform this procedure for safe application and better results. A disadvantage of most professional teeth whitening products like this laser procedure is that it is expensive.

One session of laser teeth whitening with the dentist can cost at least $300. Nonetheless, many people still choose to avail of professional teeth whitening products like laser procedure since this can lighten the teeth up to 10 shades. The procedure involves placing strips between your teeth that the laser can heat up so the whitener can penetrate teeth enamel. After a session, teeth discoloration is greatly reduced. A few more trips to the dentist and you have super sparkling white teeth.

Teeth bleaching products. Bleach is also one of the well-known professional teeth whitening products that also remove teeth discoloration. Usually, this bleach is 10% carbamide peroxide suited for dental oral purposes. After three sessions of repeated application, results are highly visible. Nevertheless, some staining is reduced after the first session. The dentist proceeds by skillfully applying the bleach since gums and mouth tissues can exhibit adverse reactions to the chemical. Also, dentists recommend to their patients to use teeth whitening products at home after the bleach.

Professional teeth whitening products are truly promising and yield permanent results. However, necessary precaution must be exercised when using such products. Better yet, seek the assistance of a dentist when using professional teeth whitening products.