Health Care And Dental Care Comparisons Between HMO’s And Blue Cross Affiliates

When it comes to finding suitable health care and dental care for your family, trying to find one company which handles both is sometimes hard to accomplish. Many times an insurance provider will offer a wide range of health care and limited dental care. There are options available if you look for them.


HMO’s are set up to offer managed health services. The main focus is on limiting costs and overuse. While there are many HMO’s that offer both health care and dental care, it may be limited by any one of the following:
Overall availability – many HMO plans do not have a wide area of operation
Available doctors and resources – many plans are limited to certain hospitals or medical centers
Amount of use – there may be a limit as to how you may use the plan
Amount of payments – there will most likely be traditional co-payments required
Medical issues covered – most HMO’s will not cover specific or serious illness.

There are many reasons for people to not make use of an HMO. Here are a few which affect health care and dental care.
Lack of preventative medicine
Lack of services required for their individual needs
Their doctor is not a part of the HMO
The costs for their needs are not adequately covered

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Blue Cross and Blue Shield is an association of insurance providers across the country that offer a range of both health care and dental care products and services. One such company is Horizon Healthcare. Dental service is offered as a stand alone product or in combination with other services. Some of the services and features of a BC/BS plan include the following:
Preventative care coverage
Choice of Primary Care Physicians
No referrals needed for most specialists
Multiple hospitals within many BC/BS networks
Managed care through a BC/BS HMO package
Ability to travel and find local services when needed
Specialized accounts and savings alternatives to provide for medical and emergency expenses

Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans are usually more diverse than regular HMO’s when it comes to health care and dental care.

Individual needs will vary. You may not need all the services of a BC/BS provider. Or your employer may provide enough coverage through the company HMO at a reasonable cost. Proper research and information is required before deciding on any one particular company or type of insurance.