A Costly Choice: Laser Teeth Whitening Price

Although there are very minimal side effects of laser teeth whitening for most people, the most controversial issue with laser teeth whitening is the price. There are so many other ways to whiten teeth today that it seems to be a ludicrous decision to pay over one thousand dollars as the laser teeth whitening price. Other versions of teeth whitening products that are sold over the counter can cost as little as twenty-five dollars for a set of whitening strips. This is much more affordable than the expensive laser teeth whitening price. In addition to the laser teeth whitening price, there is also the fact that the procedure has to be done in a dentist’s office, which means scheduling the appointment and taking time from work or other activity to sit through it.

Pros, Cons And Laser Teeth Whitening Price

As mentioned, the biggest con to the laser teeth whitening procedure is the price. This is further escalated since the dental insurance will very rarely cover teeth whitening so that the entire cost has to be paid by the patient. The patient will also usually have to have the full price at the time of service since the dental offices usually do not have a payment plan available for such services.

One of the benefits to the laser teeth whitening procedure is that it only takes one session to get the teeth very white. The laser helps to activate the crystals in the whitening gel that is applied to the teeth. This helps the bleach to penetrate the enamel on the teeth where the yellow or brown stains are held and allows them to be whitened very quickly. The fact that the process is so quick can also be a detriment to some users who want their teeth to seem white naturally and do not want others to notice that their teeth are noticeably whiter than they were an hour before the procedure.

Another down side that can be found with this teeth whitening process is that the person’s teeth or gums might be sensitive to the bleaching solution that is used. This should be tested by the dentist before the person is subjected to the procedure so that they do not have to experience discomfort during the process. This sensitivity can be experienced whether the bleach solution is used in the trays, with a laser or in whitening strips at home, so it is not something that is specific to the laser bleaching process.