A Guide to Best Teeth Whitening System

Most people feel that the professional treatment for teeth-whitening is most-effective, successful and quickest way to brighten teeth. However, there are many factors that determine the success of any tooth whitening product or system. These factors include quality of products being used, the level of experience of the dentist and the extent of the required procedure. If you are looking for the best teeth whitening system, consult a dentist, and make sure to pick the best one.

Choosing the Best Teeth Whitening System

Zoom teeth whitener is one of the best teeth whitening systems, and is also one of the most popular. Available in all-inclusive pack, the dentist is provided with all the essential materials required for tooth bleaching. The kit includes tooth whitener, a bleaching light and various disposable and single use items required for performing the whitening treatments. This systems uses hydrogen peroxide based whitening gel. The procedure takes around 90 minutes, and costs approximately $1500 USD.

BriteSmile To Go Whitening Pen is also one of the best teeth whitening kit, and it uses 5.25% hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel. The gel is delivered from the brush, and is used as either stand alone whitening product for home use or as a follow up whitener. The system involves brushing your teeth with the bleaching gel the teeth surface, one tooth at a time. Once the application of gel on each tooth is over, there is a formation of invisible film after solidifying. This product is however effective only for darker teeth.

One of the best teeth whitening system is now being offered by Sapphire, and it uses powerful Sapphire Plasma Arc Light in addition to professional grade teeth whitening gel. The system can however be used with or without the Sapphire light. This formulation absorbs light in spectrum’s blue end, which becomes excited and then decomposes into the reactive intermediators, attacking the colored stains on the teeth. The bleaching is quite fast as the photo activated materials are quite reactive. The whole procedure takes approximately half an hour, and is one of the fastest whitening procedures available.

Deep bleaching is also considered one of the best teeth whitening system, and is a so powerful that it can whiten the tetracycline stained teeth as well. The procedure includes two power bleaching sessions and a home tray. The cost of the procedure is approximately 1500 USD, but as it is relatively new technique, is not offered by all dentists. Pola Office+ is another whitening procedure that takes about 25 minutes, and can be done at the dental office.