Choosing Professional Teeth Whitening Gels

There are many different professional teeth whitening gel solutions available on the market today. There are some that are done in the office of the dentist and others are started at the dentist’s office and then completed at home. These solutions can range in price from a couple of hundred dollars to over one thousand dollars, depending on the solution. The price usually defines how quickly the solution will work on the person, as the most expensive methods are usually one stop procedures that allow the person to walk into the office with a yellowed smile and walk out an hour later with a bright white one.

Professional Teeth Whitening Gel Types

Although there are over the counter brands of teeth whitening solutions such as the Colgate brand of teeth whitening gel, these solutions are usually not as potent as the professional types and will take a much longer time to produce results. There is one type of professional teeth whitening gel called the Britesmile version. This is a special light that is used with the whitening gel that will produce quick and easy results, usually with one application of about two hours or so. This all depends on the type of discoloration that is on the teeth and there is sometimes the requirement to follow up with some whitening at home as well. This procedure will cost about six hundred dollars, which is inexpensive in comparison to the next one.

This version of professional teeth whitening gels is the laser bleaching system. It costs over one thousand dollars in most cases, but it tends to provide the quickest results. This procedure is also done in the dentist’s office and it combines the use of the laser’s light with the teeth whitening gel. The crystals in the gel are activated by the light from the laser and it makes them penetrate the enamel on the teeth. This allows the bleach to quickly get to the source of the stains more readily than other methods so that it takes the least amount of time to get great results.

The last method of professional teeth whitening is to use a tray method. The tray is custom fitted to the person’s mouth so that the gel will cling more readily to the teeth when placed in that tray. This system will require at home use by the person over a period of time, usually one to two weeks, which requires discipline on the part of the person whitening his teeth.