Different Percentages in Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gels

It pays to shop around when buying a peroxide teeth whitening gel. There are some products that are very inexpensive because they contain very little peroxide teeth whitening gel in them and will take a couple of weeks to whiten the teeth. There are other professional teeth whitening products that contain a much stronger solution of peroxide teeth whitening gels so that they work very quickly, often within a couple of days. There are even some products that will work with only one application of the product because it is used in conjunction with a laser. The laser activates the crystals in the gel so that the bleach will dive deep into the enamel on the person’s teeth and eliminate the yellow and brown stains that are there.

Tips About Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gels

Before purchasing a peroxide teeth whitening gel, it is important to consult with the dentist to make sure there are not any issues that might occur with those products. Some people have very sensitive teeth and gums and these products will only serve to escalate those issues. There are other people who have a chemical sensitivity to those products and will be bothered more seriously by a long time use of the products. When these symptoms are issues for certain people, often the best methods are the more expensive, allowing for one treatment to provide the teeth whitening effect the individual wants with only a little discomfort.

The more expensive methods of teeth whitening with peroxide gels and lights provide the fastest way of whitening teeth as well. These methods usually cost between six hundred dollars and one thousand dollars, although the laser methods can even run more expensive than that. These professional methods usually take one time in the dentist’s office for one to two hours for the treatment. The peroxide teeth whitening gel is applied to the teeth and the light activates the crystals in the gel as described above.

There are other peroxide teeth whitening gel solutions that are started in the dentist’s office by providing the patient with a custom fit tray for the bleach. The peroxide teeth whitening gel is also bought through the dental office in most cases since it is a professional strength solution. The solution is inserted into the trays through the use of syringes so that it does not spill, and the trays are worn by the person for about a half an hour per day. These systems usually take about one week to complete the process, which is not as long as the over the counter systems.