Tips to Follow When Buying Teeth Whitening Gel

When buying a peroxide teeth whitening gel, it is important to know what to look for so that the best product possible can be found for the people’s teeth. There are often some people that are sensitive to the bleaching solutions in the gels and this is important to be aware of when purchasing these products. Often the best thing a person can do is to consult with his dentist to see what the dentist suggests in products, both over the counter and professional products. The dental office will probably have a bleaching system that they use, but the person should not stop there and use that system without finding out the pros and cons of the other systems on the market over the counter that cost much less money.

Teeth Whitening Gel Buying Options

One of the tricky things about buying teeth whitening gels is that they all contain approximately the same ingredients. The carbamide peroxide is what affects the teeth and removes the stains from them so that they look white again. There are different percentages of this ingredient in the different brands of these products so that the process either takes a few days or takes a couple of weeks. The stronger the teeth whitening gel is the faster the process will go, which is usually the biggest difference between the professional products and those over the counter teeth whitening gel products that can be bought.

There are some over the counter products that can be bought in teeth whitening gel strips. These products cost about twenty to forty dollars per box of strips, which is usually only one treatment period of a couple of week’s worth of product. These strips can be easily placed by the user on the teeth and pressed down so that they form a seal of the gel and the teeth. They are usually left on the teeth for about thirty minutes, during which time the person should not eat or drink anything. After the strips are taken off, the mouth should be rinsed out so that the excess gel is removed and not swallowed. The entire process of teeth whitening with these products is usually two weeks.

There are professional teeth whitening gels that can be bought at the dentist’s office to work in conjunction with the custom fitted trays that go in the mouth. Instead of using a strip that has the gel on it already, the person has trays that are custom fitted to his mouth so that the gel is pressed evenly on his teeth. These are more expensive, costing several hundred dollars, but the whitening process usually takes three days to one week.